Footbik.Baby is the most unique soccer program in America. It supports the physical, psychological, and motor skills development of kids from 1.5 years old.

The Footbik.Baby program is important and unique. It encompasses a wide range of skills and ensures that your small child develops at the scientifically correct rate. Through ball games, group games, and more, children develop their motor skills, motor activity, sense of balance, and orientation in space. Our activities help to develop and synchronize your child’s general and visual coordination.

Parental participation is the most important element of the program. With you present, your child feels safe, protected, and self-reliant. They are able to form a sense of their own worth that will remain with them for life.

The program develops your child’s ability to act in a group, as well as their mindfulness, memory, and concentration. Their vocabulary will expand, and they will be exposed to mathematical concepts. This happens as we perform songs and rhymes, and your child develops of a sense of rhythm; it also happens as we do activities to recognize colors and sort objects by feature, and during our other exercises.

Movement is the main thing in the Footbik.Baby program. It’s only during movement that a child develops his skills and expands his abilities.

For children of this age it’s vital that they experience an environment rich in tactile sensations. The Footbik.Baby program helps to compensate for the costs of modern urban life, where the environment is not always safe to explore. It gives your child the opportunity to actively learn the world and himself in it, and to harmoniously develop right from his earliest years.