Our SmartSoccer program is an effective way to develop your child’s intelligence with the help of soccer!

The SmartSoccer program picks up where Footbik’s Way of the Champion and TechnoSoccer programs leave off, and is the next step in achieving our common goal: to help our children grow into people who succeed in life and sport!

Today, successful people need qualities like creativity, and the ability to think outside the box and find unexpected solutions. In soccer, top-level players aren’t just skilled technically – they stand out thanks to their quick and correct decision-making, their creativity, and their strategic thinking.

It’s these qualities that players in SmartSoccer sessions develop.

Footbik’s SmartSoccer program includes the same blocks of exercises as Way of the Champion – ball possession, body mastery, soccer coordination, social skills – and is supplemented with a separate block of Smart Skills exercises. These exercises are designed to develop children’s intellectual abilities. More precisely, these exercises help to form new neural connections in the brain, which modern science considers the biological basis of intellect. The more a child trains his brain, the more neural connections he creates. The higher the brain activity, the more oxygen-enriched blood flow the brain receives. And the more physical activity a child does, the more effective SmartSoccer is. This formula is the basis for the formation of the child’s intellectual capabilities.

SmartSoccer utilizes exercises that develop thought in children. These exercises develop the synchronous operation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, including many brain cells in the processing of information and forming a large number of new connections between these cells. Doing these exercises regularly develops a child’s creative and logical thinking, memory, observation skills, flexibility of the mind, and the ability to analyze and draw conclusions.

During the sessions, children learn to think outside the box and quickly find the right solutions in a variety of situations. These are valuable skills that will help them not only on the football field, but also in life.

The SmartSoccer program lasts for 12 months; each lesson is 50 minutes long.