The WAY OF THE CHAMPION program is based on the European method of teaching soccer – TOTAL SOCCER METHOD (the Netherlands)

The Way of the Champion is an 84-session program that develops a child’s the personality, social skills, physical data and soccer ability.

Each lesson consists of 10-minute mini-training sessions:

72 mini-training sessions in BODY MASTERY

Training to develop the child’s physical data: coordination and balance, orientation in space, speed of reaction and speed of thinking.
Your child’s physical health forms the basis for your child’s future sports achievements. By developing their health and ability to navigate in extreme situations, playing sports will forever be a part of your child’s life.

44 mini-training sessions in SOCCER COORDINATION and 28 mini-training sessions in BALL MASTERY

Learning the basics of soccer and ball possession.

The Dutch method of teaching soccer, Total Soccer Method, has proven effective in training young athletes in Europe, and was introduced to the U.S. in 2017.

The country’s leading soccer clubs are selecting prospective kids by the age of 5–6. These sessions will ensure your child can show excellent results and count on the highest marks of the coaches.

72 mini-training sessions in LIFE SKILLS

Developing social skills.
During the classes, children learn discipline, teamwork, diligence, responsibility, concentration, and the ability to see the goal. They’ll achieve milestones on their own, giving your child self-confidence and ensuring future victories in adult life.

72 mini-lessons in foreign languages

Psychologists say that preschool age is the best time for children to learn foreign languages, and that they learn best while playing games or doing something they love.
Therefore, learning foreign languages during soccer training is an ideal way for a child to master it.

12 tasks in the TWELFTH PLAYER program

This is a homework program. The twelfth player is you, the parent and first fan of the future champion. The child and parents complete the homework together so that the future champion feels the support of his family from his earliest years.
Positive self-esteem, self-confidence, family, and a sense of security – these qualities arise from the fact that, from an early age, you share your child’s interests and are proud of his success.

12 additional assessment sessions

When each training cycle ends, an additional assessment session is held, at which the child demonstrates the skills learned, the results of home training, and receives an encouraging assessment from the coach.

You will see your future champion’s progress, and the child takes pride in his achievements.