Footbik’s TechnoSoccer program continues where the Way of the Champion program leaves off, bringing us closer to our common goal: to grow our children happy, healthy and self-confident people!

We are dedicated to educating winners and leaders who are able to take responsibility, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. And, of course, to succeed both in life and in sport!

The Way of the Champion program is important, but only the first step in your child’s journey to success.

There will be many more steps, and as a parent, you will be proud to watch every one of them. But it’s vital not to miss the time when it’s possible to lay the foundation of your child’s character – to cultivate in him or her the qualities of a real winner.

After all, the age of up to 7 years is the most important. That’s because it’s the one and only period when all of a child’s social and psychological qualities are formed, determining his character, his habits, his way of life and his future possibilities.

Right now, it is important to give maximum attention to the child’s development, and our TechnoSoccer program serves this purpose.

TechnoSoccer is built on the same early development and soccer training principles of TSM ACADEMY (the Netherlands) as Way of the Champion. It is the second year of training for our players.

Participants in our program will complete interesting home and family assignments, perform intense soccer lessons and assessments, and receive awards and the encouragement of coaches. Our children are happy to practice, mastering the most important skills.

This program includes elements of the FOOTBIK PRO IYUP program and involves intensive study of soccer skills and techniques.

In one short year our players will be able to apply their soccer skills in the game, with more skill than even older children who have been trained at clubs other than Footbik.

The TechnoSoccer program lasts 12 months; each lesson is 45 minutes long.