FOOTBIK PRO IYUP Program – The next step in the world of professional soccer: the study of soccer techniques (feints).

In the FOOTBIK PRO IYUP program, we study the technical elements of soccer in-depth. Created by the Total Soccer Method Academy in the Netherlands, this program focuses on the most effective moves in modern professional soccer.

Whether it’s a children’s soccer match or a professional game with the highest caliber of players, we often see dueling one-on-one. A player can win this duel by making deceptive moves known as soccer feints. Total Soccer Method has broken these famous soccer moves down into a learnable system with four unique categories.

Each category has a name which is symbolized by a letter that visualizes the
direction of the player’s movement.

Every famous soccer player has perfected this technology, and high-level players have an inherent ability to beat opponents with a “signature” move. In fact, many moves are named for specific players.

For example, Zidane’s famous move is a variety of the P-movement.

In each session of the FOOTBIK PRO IYUP program, we will study one soccer move. Built as modules, the sessions involve the child in training and allow them to practice and strengthen the acquired skills in the game.

Each FOOTBIK PRO IYUP session lasts 45 minutes.